Pebbalio belongs to the house of Technic group - one of the forerunners in the concrete product industry in South India for the last 30 years. Technic group started with humble beginnings, offering the highest quality of interlocking pavers created with unsurpassed technical and design expertise, and having varied styles, colours, and finishes of concrete. Thanks to its 'no compromise philosophy' Technic group today has grown to a state of excellence with a fully automated plant with German machines and technology, where no human touch or handling raw material is required, from manufacturing to delivery.

Further to such growth and having established themselves as dominant players in sectors like urban and rural infrastructure, ready mix concrete and tomobile engineering; owing to the desire to provide more, pioneer innovation and keep concrete designs in line with the rapidly changing and modern world, Pebbalio was born.

Pebbalio aims to stand out as a technical centre for 360 degree concreting technologies, dealing with anything and everything about concrete including floors, walls and roofs while safeguarding quality, aesthetics and cost. Thanks to a team filled with passion, the freedom to exercise their thoughts and the energy to reinvent, Pebbalio hopes to constantly push the limits, introducing newer products, not just changing the way concrete is approached, but redefining it.